Sunday, April 19, 2009

Perfect Impact Predictions for Lockdown

Ok, Rich Colin and Diabolik are all at Lockdown Live in Philly. And now Diabolik has caught up with all of the TNA Impacts he was behind on so we are going to call out predictions for the show.

IWGP Junior Tag Titles:
Colin: LAX
Rich: No Limit
Diabolik: Motorcity Machine Guns

Knockout Title:
Colin: Awesome Kong
Rich: Awesome Kong
Diabolik: Who the fuck cares?

X-Division Title:
Colin: Suicide
Rich: Suicide
Diabolik: Suicide

TNA / IWGP Tag Team Titles:
Colin: Team 3D
Rich: Team 3D
Diabolik: I want 3D but I think Beer Money Inc

Lethal Lockdown:
Colin: Team Jarrett
Rich: Main Event Mafia
Diabolik: Main Event Mafia

World Heavyweight Title:
Colin: Foley
Rich: Foley
Diabolik: I want Foley but I think Sting

We'll see what happens...

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