Monday, September 22, 2008

A New Insanity Begins

Well, there was a welcome message up on here that Rich left. And of course he spelled Diabolik wrong. Go figure. But that is besides the point.

So I have been watching a bunch of television recently. I have been trying to give the new shows this season a watching so that I can say whether I like them or not.


90210: Why the fuck am I watching this show? And I watched 4 episodes of it. I hate it. Ooooo we are back at West Beverly High. Ooooooo some of the characters we remember are showing up. Oooooo Dillon has a kid. Who the fuck cares. I am done with this show. Don't wast your time.

Do Not Disturb: Now I like Jerry O'Connell and I did enjoy Carpoolers or whatever the hell that show was. This show is......meh. I think I laughed once. I plan on watching the 2nd and 3rd episodes and then decide whether the creator should be flogged or if he just missed the beat in the first episode.

Fringe: As I write this I am watching the 2nd episode of this show. I am on the fence. It is a paranormal thriller of sorts but it seems like the same formula JJ Abrams used to get people hooked on Lost. It seems like an X-Files wannabe show. The best part of it for me is seeing the guy from Dawson's Creek throw bitch fits.

Burn Notice: I love this show. I know this season is about to come to an end, but all in all it has been solid since Episode 2. First episode was ok at best, but the second hooked me. Hence why I will give a show a few chances. And Bruce Campbell is the best reason to watch the show.

Prison Break: Season 4. It has been the same formula over the last 3 season with a little rinse and wash. Adding a hacker to the group is interesting. Making Bellock and Mahone actually work with everyone is making it better. This is a show that I load in my PSP and watch in batches so that I can remember what is going on. Don't get me wrong...I like the show. I have been watching it since Season 1 Episode 1. Not like all those other posers who had to download it or catch it on the marathon to get into it. I just think we are getting to the point were it went from a minor conspiracy to this huge over-arching monstrosity that we need to pull the plug. Unless they do something crazy I think it is time to end this great show before it completely jumps the shark.

Gossip Girl: I like this show. I was originally just bored enough to try it but it caught me and I look forward to it every week. The plotting and manipulating of the upper class made me resent them and hope in my heart that Dan and Serena would get together and working things out. All in all it is a WB/CW teenage girl drama. But when you get Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) to do the voice of the all seeing all knowing Gossip Girl you get me. And I like girly shows. They tend to have hotter women on them and have better writing. Take Gilmore Girls. Fucking great show. Great dialog and comedy. Gossip Girl, not as much, but I am always looking for Blaire to make an ass out of herself.

Privileged: I must admit, I have no idea why I watched this show. It popped up on the DVR and I figured what the hell. I like the main character because she steps all over herself and says slightly inappropriate things, but the overall show is garbage. Yale edumacated aspiring writer/journalist gets hired to tutor 2 spoiled rich girls. Standard back-stabbing and hair-pulling. Not worth watching.

True Blood: Motherfucker. Anna Paquin with a thick ass southern accent and vampires? And she can listen to people's thoughts? Who the hell isn't watching this? The first episode was pretty slow, but i have hopes. I am told it is based on a book or series of books and I am going to go to the library and see if I can track them down.

House: Meh. Same old same old. I like the show and will continue to watch it, but sick person gets sicker. They treat sick person. Sick person gets better. Then worse. Then lightbulb and case solved. Make some of these motherfuckers die and maybe I will be interested. I was hoping for something so much more out of the Season 5 opener after the way Season 4 ended.

Bones: I love Bones. It is a well written show and is also loosely based on true stories. Somehow there is always a skeleton for them to deal with and not a dead body, but I love the way Bones and Booth interact and the way they play around with the sexual attraction between the two of them. Unfortunately Zach is no longer on the show after the Season 3 closer (or was it 4?) and his naivety and logic was always a great counterpoint to Hoggins conspiracy laced innuendos. Get the DVDs of the past season and catch up. Now.

The Shield: Holy mother of god. I recently watched all of the past seasons back to back to gear up for the final season of this fucking amazing show. I know everyone says it is a good show and all, but it keeps me hooked from week to week. And that is what matters. Making me want to be home watching it so I can get my fix.

Supernatural: Season 3 ended in such a way that you just wanted to scream "What? Why?" Season 4 kind of starts out the same way, but not for the same reasons. It took me 3/4 of the way through the show to finally see what I liked about the show from the beginning. Still, the hook at the end of the first episode.....fuck.

Sons of Anarchy: Another FX show that starts off fairly slow. You learn a little about the main characters, and them being in a motorcycle gang akin to Hell's Angels where they are gun running makes it a show that has a lot of potential. I like a lot of the FX shows and they seem to have different styles but they all seem right on that network. I would give the first episode (which is all I have watched so far) a 6 out of 10 with definite room to move up the ladder.

That is all I can think of that I have watched so far. I have a slew that I am looking forward to coming up over the next few weeks. Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy, Chuck (I am going to rewatch the first season sometime this coming week), Eli Stone (first season was decent and good in the lull of the writer's strike), Dirty Sexy Money (first season was amazing), Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, Smallville (I know the 8th season already started, but I haven't watched the premiere yet), and Crusoe are all on my list of things to check out.

So that is my ramblings for today. A lot of tv like I said. I am also working on revamping and I hope people like what they see. Maybe I will work on actually rating some of these shows to see what ones were the best over the course of a week. Who knows? Who cares?

Thanks for watching the insanity grow.