Monday, March 30, 2009

Diabolik's TNA Catch-Up: October 16, 2008

So fresh off Bound For Glory we find out that we are going t have Mick Foley's farewell address. We also find out that Kurt Angle is on a rampage because Jarrett has said that there will be no rematch and Kurt is going to put the blood of every member of TNA's roster on Jarrett's hands. Wow like that has never happened.....

We also find out that Kevin Nash is getting back in the ring in this episode and he is fighting Consequences Creed... ... ... WHY IS HE FIGHTING CREED?!?!?!? There is no reason for it....other than a big man vs a little man.....Nash also explains why he attacked Joe....Because Joe disrespected him and Scott Hall so many months last that is brought back up and addressed....

Sting comes down and tells Joe that the only reason Sting won the match was because Joe needed to disrespect Sting and took it too far...AJ Styles comes down to confront Sting about the situation and ends up slapping Sting twice and a brawl breaks out.

Angle is beating people up in the back again....

So Angle beat up The Rock N Rave Infucktion and Christie is trying to head out to see them at the hospital when The Beautiful People find her and berate her and then beat her up and they Brown Paper Bag her with a bag hosting Kip's face on it. WHY?!?!?!? What a waste of time....

Angle comes down to the ring and attacks the ring announcer until Jarrett shows up...Angle demands a rematch....Jeff says he has business to attend to...Kurt threatens to go to Jarrett's house to visit his kids....

Foley comes down to the ring for his farewell address...he talks about how he is a junkie...a roller coaster junkie....he also cheap pops Orlando by referencing the Hulk Coaster in Universal Studios.....he says goodbye to the fans and heads up the ramp only to have Jarrett come out and ask him to join him in Jarrett's office so that he doesn't leave like this....

Cornette calls in and announces Matt Morgan vs Kurt Angle to teach Angle a lesson for fucking with the backstage....

Raisha Saeed vs Roxxi....Roxxi wins....Yeo...that exciting....

Matt Morgan talks to Lauren....

Christie Hemme wants to fight The Beautiful People in Las Vegas the following week (a Live show? and the first HD show)

Why are wrestling shows trying to go to HD? So we can see the steroid pimples or so I can see the muscle tear when a hamstring rips?

JB talks with Consequences about his match with Nash....

Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling... ... ... ... I'm gonna leave it at that...

Nash vs Creed....what a shock...Nash didn't job to Creed....Nash grabs the mic and talks about Joe running his mouth about Scott Hall 10 fucking months ago...he then insults the crowd....what is funny is that he is really trying to get heel heat and it isn't really working...people aren't reacting a whole hell of a lot....

JB finds Jarrett and Foley and they are not talking about what they were just talking about....

Lauren talks with 3D.....we find out that there will be a match between the Monster's Ball participants where the fans pick the order of arrival.....

Angle vs Matt Morgan....Angle wins....decent match....Angle keeps working over Morgan...Abyss comes down and Angle jumps him.....They cut away from Angle in the ring with Abyss in an ankle lock to go catch up with Foley and Jarrett....Foley says they are heading to Las Vegas and that he has a major announcement....what a lame way to make people want to tune in next week.....

More Newish TV Diabolik watched

I caught the first episode of Party Down and felt that all it did was grind itself into the ground. The humor in this "comedy" show was exceptionally sophomoric and lame. I plan on watching the next episode, but I think Starz has a huge flop on their hands. At least Crash was pretty decent.....

Another show i just watched was Roommates from ABC family (I think, it said so on the overlay on the screen but who really knows?) and that was kind of funny. I think the fact that ABC Family includes the subject of sex to be interesting. My thoughts on ABC Family was that it was wholesome and pure and innocent, but they elude to the fact that the main character jerked off in every room in the new apartment, when the reality was that one of the roommates had sex in every room in the house.

I also just watched the show The Line and I thought it was a decent show, almost in the vein of Crash where everyone seems tangentially connected. It has potential...though the story line was slow moving.

I also just watched the first episode of Kings (a two hour premiere) and I was sort of entertained. Basically it is a show about a kingdom with a monarch in the modern age. The show also has potential and I am looking forward to seeing if it can hook me with the next episode.

I'm not sure if I talked about Kyle XY and the fact that I started watching the first season, but I am on episode 6 or 7 and it is getting preety good. Each episode gives you a little more insight into the overall mystery that is Kyle and the murder he is attached to. I am looking forward to finishing out the first season in the coming week.

Well that's all I have right now. Off to watch more TNA Impact.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Diabolik's TNA Catch-Up: Bound For Glory 2008

While procrastinating from doing some homework I wanted to get some TNA out of my way since I haven't watched any in a few days. Or 1 day. I'm not sure I remember.

So Bound For Glory opens with a cool Old Chicago styled ganster motif where they talk about the main event matches. Then they have the X-Division Steel Asylum Match where Black Machismo wins.

We then see Mick Foley roll up to Jim Cornette's office and he leaves Mick in charge of the office and tells him to make himself at home. (Do I smell a Commissioner Foley story line brewing?) and then The Beautiful People come in ranting about Blue M&M's. Blah Blah Blah and then we get the match between The Beautiful People and Rhaka Khan, ODB and Rhino. Rhino gores Kip for the win.

X-Division Title match between Sheik Bashir and Consequences Creed. Bashir wins by holding the ropes. Pretty good match over all. I'm glad Bashir (formerly Daivari in WWE) got to showcase himself a little more. Consequences is definitely X-Division Title material.

Then Kong comes into Cornette's office with Saeed (who I think is a different person under the veil because she sounds different) bitching about Kong not being responsible for what she does. You know that almost could be threatening if it didn't happen in every match. Foley says he was left in charge......interesting way to put it.....

Knockout Title match between Kong, Taylor Wilde and Roxie results in no hardcore tactics and Taylor pinning Roxie. WHY WERE THEY TOUTING THE HARDCORE STYLE OF ROXIE IF THERE WAS NO FUCKING HARDCORE?!?!?!? Hardcore wrestlers don't normally thrive in regular wrestling matches because they are used to the weapons (at least Kay Fabe).

Cut to Cornette's office with AJ Styles spewing about Mick being there....3D comes in calling Styles a mark...Why are there porcelain masks on the wall of the office? 3D mouths off...whatever....Mick is going to be the Sock of the walk and leaves to prep to be the enforcer in the Angle vs Jarrett match....How much prep do you need?

Monster's Ball Tag Team Title match with Matt Morgan and Abyss vs LAX vs Team 3D vs Beer Money Inc with Steve Mongo McMichaels. Ok, I now I ranted about why he was being the ref, but I just realized he was a Chicago Bear and won the Superbowl with them. Ok. At least it makes more sense to me. Stupid pandering to the locals....I love James Storm coming down with a Beer Helmet with 2 bottles of beer in it....I loughed out loud at the Don West line of :Oh, the cheese grater right to the nuts!"....Wow Mongo super slow counts against Beer Money....This match should be an elimination match....I love elimination evens the playing fields....Ok...turns out the Mongo slow counts everyone....3D brought lighter fluid!!!!Abyss goes through a flaming table and catches fire for a few second....When Tenay doesn't know the name of a move he says that someone was powered down....odd coming from the professor where I learned most of the wrestling terms from listening to him commentate...I want a flaming tack table....but I don't get it. Hernandez takes a 3D Through a tacked up table and then James Storm steals the pin....Beer Money Inc retains the belts.

Something to note...we have had title matches and none of them changed hands....starting to feel like a WWE styled lineup....Just saying...If Joe loses the belt I will have to call Shenanigans on TNA for copying WWEs retardedness...

The next match is Booker T vs AJ Styles vs Christian Cage for absolutely nothing. Booker wins with a delayed Axe Kick off the top rope....West is talking about timing..but the timing was really off because Christian had to stand in position for way too long...

Next match is Angle vs Jarrett with Mick Foley as guest enforcer. I'm sorry to say that the match played out exactly like I thought it would. Ref bump, one of them tries to use a weapon (Kurt), Foley gets involved and an altercation ensues. Other person wins (Jarrett). Jarrett looked rusty, but he also wasn't as rusty as he could have been. At least they called it a Mandible Claw instead of Mr. Socko (probably because Mr. Socko is the WWE's intellectual property).

Last match is the World Heavyweight Title Match with Samoa Joe vs Sting. Why would Sting call this his biggest match of his career? Sting vs Flair? Maybe because the WCW Title is dead and desecrated by the WWE? Sting apparently won the title at the last 2 Bound for Glory events....that is interesting trivia....What the Fuck was that!?!?!? Joe lays Sting on the stairs and goes to the top and dropkicks him from from what I can count about 15 stairs up. He runs and falls that far, falling on concrete steps and also crotching himself on the railing....full force balls smashing against the railing.....but that was fucking cool....Sting does the Muscle Buster n Jo (kind of) and Joe jumps right up....Joe hits Sting with the Scorpion Death Drop and Sting jumps right up....Nash comes down to ringside...Sting tries to take his back and Nash takes it away....and Nash hits Joe with the bat....Scorpion Death Drop....Sting wins the title.....

And then a promo for Turning Point...with Mick Foley in the promo (wwho it was established only had a Bound For Glory contract) talking about the respect lines.....

Ok...first my reactions of the show....overall I'd give it a 6.5. I am disappointed at the ending only because it seems exactly like what WWE would do and I have always looked at TNA as the anti-WWE and for a while they were doing things specifically because it was so very not WWE programming....Having all of the belts stay except one, having the friend of the Champ come down and betray the Champ....I thought the wrestling was good and entertaining. The Jarrett-Angle match was well thought out and came off great, the Steel Asylum match was pretty good, the Monsters Ball match was entertaining (fiery tables!)'s just the ending that I saw coming when every other belt stayed on the champions that makes me give it a low rating...

Newish TV show Castle

In the vein of watching some of the newer shows that I haven't seen I sat down and watched 2 episode of Castle while I was stuck at a Rutgers game club event. The event was ok, but from a vendor's standpoint absolutely useless. While we didn't have to pay for a table because the organizer of the event know us and wanted to help us out, we only sold about $50 worth of product, but we bought around $1000 just for the event. What was interesting was that we did a raffle for things that had been sitting in the store for ages and stuff that we got for free from our distributor and I sold $150 worth of raffle tickets. Go figure.....

But on to Castle. And if anyone cares I will probably spoil things without really meaning to....

We get to see Nathan Fillion in another starring role. Now lets see the track record of the shows he has starred in and see why I feel Castle is already cursed. Ok, so not every show that he is on fails, I just learned that he was on Desperate Housewives and Lost for an episode, but in his starring roles like Drive and Firefly, with Firefly being amazing and having a huge cult following, and Drive was starting to ramp itself up to be a decent show, especially in the wake of the Prison Break mid-season hiatus. But both were canceled way too early. And that is what I feel may happen with Castle.

I like the premise, a murder mystery author who just killed off his main character of his books is questioned in regards to a murder that follows the same portrayals in his novels. From there he helps the police track down the killer by pointing out disrepencies between the actual crimes and the crimes in his novels when an obsessed fan is suspected of committing the crimes.

While I was watching the first episode I kept thinking that if this is the premise of the entire series then the series is doomed. How often can you have a murder staged based on these series of books? Or even on other Murder mystery books that he might be aware of? But the show did not disappoint me there, they set-up how the show will continue by having the author follow the detective around so he can based his next main character around her.

Now the second episode was still pretty good. A woman was found murdered in a dryer. The opening scene was pretty badass. I'm not going to go through a whole lot of the episode, except that I think the end of the episode should have been different, and that they never explain how the girl gets into the dryer properly. The person who ends up murdering her shouldn't have been able to stuff her in a dryer by herself. Between dead weight and just the awkwardness of trying to fit something so much bigger than the opening of a dryer....

But anyway. I had thought the hype for the show delivered for me. I had seen some commercials and was interested to check it out and I was entertained. I can see where the show may disappoint, but the interactions between the 2 main characters is great. The detective is a fan of the author's work, but doesn't want him tailing her because he never listens and finds himself it bad situations.

Now I am off to watch Bound for Glory and play some Warhammer Age of Reckoning. Did I ever mention that I started the trial for that? Well I did and I bought some time cards online that I am waiting to show up and then I will try out the full version of the game. I am playing a Dwarf Slayer since they can level up and get DOOMSEEKER! I picked up the Collector's Edition for $25 bucks and got the Warhammer model I wanted to paint up along with the hardcover art book (which is amazing) and the Graphic Novel.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Better Off Ted

So I happened upon the show Better Off Ted on my tv tuner's recordings and I must say that this show is so tongue in cheek humorous that more people should watch it.

It is a 30 minute long "situational comedy" that takes place in a R&D department of a large American company.

One of the main characters steals coffee creamer in an act of rebellion, another is so stick up her ass uptight that she is amazing, and the main character takes all of it in stride very well. His daughter is my favorite character in the show, and she showed up for maybe 2 minutes in the first 2 episodes.

I have to say that I can't wait for the next episode, much like I look forward to The Big Band Theory...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Diabolik's TNA Catch-Up October 9, 2008

Ok, so I wrote up through the first 3 commercial breaks and I decided that trying to do recaps of the matches is long and annoying and hard if I happen to be busy and using the show as background noise.

So Jarrett has Angles Gold Medal and has big plans for it.

Christian doesn't want to take sides in this respect issue in TNA and is forced to be the special referee in a match between AJ Styles and Booker T.

Cute Kip vs Rhino with Kipp winning after interference.

Sonjay Dutt vs Jay Lethal vs Consequences Creed vs Petey Williams for the X-Division title shot and Creed wins the shot by pinning Dutt. It seems that Bashir (Daivari) is better at throwing out promos, but he is still just an angry misunderstood Middle Eastern American and yelling about it.

Karen Angle talks to Mick Foley.

JB talks to Rhino who wants to play the game of Gore the Whore.

Excuse me.....Steve "Mondo" McMichaels is the guest ref for Monster's Ball? WHY THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!? I haven't seen him in wrestling in fuck all and now he is in the match because ........ he used to be a horseman for like 12 seconds? TNA stop this stupid shit of bringing old ass people that no one knows back to the ring to try to get pops. What is McMichaels biggest contribution to wrestling? Marrying Sable.....

Abyss and Matt Morgan vs Beer Money Inc (which I must say I hated the name at first but I love it now) in a Monster's Ball match. Team 3D shows up at ringside and "guest commentators." Abyss and Morgan win.

Mick Foley comes to the ring and it is shared that he is only contracted for the Bound for Glory Match. He comes to the ring with a mic....and a corduroy sports jacket....He says he will deal with interference into the match harshly...Mick calls Kurt to the ring followed by Jarrett....Jarrett hands Angle back his gold medal.....a sign of respect? Foley makes them shake hands....Kurt thanks Jarrett for the medal back and asks him to tell his 3 little girls that Kurt apologizes for Jarrett not coming home after Bound for Glory....I liked that promo....very vicious but not outrightly....

Cute Kip & The Beautiful People vs Phino ODB and Rakka Khan is announced. Oooo Boy!

Once again Booker is talking oddly. Ok, I understood the King gimmick and I understood the Harlem Heat gangsta gimmick...not this one where he was from Houston and now from Africa apparently.....fucking stupid....

And watching the promo for the Women's match I must say that I appreciated the Roxy posing as Raisha Saeed and attacking Kong.....

Booker T vs AJ Styles with Christian Cage as the Ref....AJ wins by barely getting his shoulder up after a bridged suplex. Booker goes after Christian and then Christian lays out AJ Styles....And Booker vs AJ vs Christian gets announced.....

And then a contract signing......I hate these stupid if there was a contract signing for every single match I can understand it.....but seriously....and why is the contract being signed like 3 days before the match?? At least the stipulation here is that there will be no rematch after this match by request of both wrestlers....that is different.....Joe says he does respect Sting....and gee...what a surprise, the contract signing has broken down into a bout of fisticuffs.....WHY MUST THEY ALL END THAT WAY?!?!?!?

So now that I have finished this episode I have questions.....

Why is Booker trying to talk like he is from the ghetto of Africa? What the Fuck is that about?

Why was the Brown Bag treatment so fucking feared? It's a paper bag. Maybe William Shatner couldn't act his way out of it, but still.....ok, maybe be ashamed of the fact that you just got beat up by 2 girls and they stuck a bag on your head....but how hard it is to take off? Did they like bind it to your skull? Or cut your nose off?

I kind of wish I had been following the backstage info on why Gail Kim left TNA but I will look that up after I am done catching up.

So lets see....I have 29 episodes left and 24 Days in which to watch it all.....FUN!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Diabolik's TNA Wrestling Catch-Up Part 2

Ok. As I said in a previous post that this is my attempt to watch all of the episodes and PPVs between the last time I watched TNA wrestling to the Lockdown PPV that Rich, Colin and I are going to be seeing live.

I just finished watching the last of the September Impacts and just turned on the October 9, 2008 Impact.

I also talked to Rich and he said I won't ruin anything if I post "spoilers" for him. While they can't really be spoilers because they happened over 6 months ago, I wanted to make sure that he wasn't smacked in the face.

Ok, so in the drama of Samoa Joe winning the World Title and then fighting Booker T and etc.....we currently are building up to Samoa Joe vs Sting at Bound for Glory. Jeff Jarrett is back after a 2 year Hiatus due to a variety of things including his wife's passing away.

So September 18, 2008 marks the announcement that Mick Foley is coming to TNA. The following Impact (September 25) marks nothing about Foley except that he will be in the building the following show. I think this is the same episode where you find out that the Tag Team Invitational is going to be a Monster's Ball Match and Abyss flips out because he isn't supposed to use weapons (which I must say is a good move since it moves him out of the genre of "monster" who will come down with barbed-wire kitchen sinks and stuff and makes him be a "wrestler"). I honestly watched this one so late and forgot to write about it so I can't remember much, but I think that Kurt Angle starts shit talking Jeff Jarrett into making a match between the two of them at Bound for Glory.

October 2, 2008 marks the announcement of Mick Foley being the special enforcer for the Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle match. My thoughts are this: If you are bringing Mick into this company for longer than 1 month, why the fuck isn't he in the Monster's Ball Match with like Terry Funk or just about anyone else? Why is he the guest enforcer? I mean if he doesn't want to wrestle that is one thing, but come on. You are paying a man so that you can promote his name which is known for falling off cages and losing an ear and stuff. Now he gets to point sternly at the participants and tell them "No no, you can't do that?" I know the reality is that he is going to get involved and either screw over JJ or Kurt, but still.....I want to see TNA use their money to promote great matches.....but I digress.

Um....that's all I can really remember. From this point on I think I am going to run a pseudo recap like I used to read for WCW when I couldn't tape it and give the breakdowns of the shows as they happen.....or I might just not care enough and just point out the things of note.

And I want to point out the irony of me saying that. I think that TNA has better young smaller wrestlers than WWE and I think they are in a position to showcase them better than they can the Heavyweights. I like TNA for the wrestling and sometimes the storylines. I have been fed up with WWE programming for so long that I vowed to take a year off from watching it, and if I watch Wrestlemania this year and can predict 75% of the match outcomes based on the roll in footage and the crowd reactions, I am done with WWE forever. The reason I saw irony in my statement of "things of note" was because that was all I could remember because my brain has been so polluted by WWE programming to just notice the hype and skip the midcard. The midcard is the best wrestling that TNA (and WWE most of the time) has in it's arsenal.

So with that said (and I think it makes sense....I kind of lost track of where I was going at some point) I am turning on the October 9 2008 Episode of Impact to see the last show leading up to Bound for Glory.

More to come.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Diabolik's TNA Wrestling Catch-Up

Ok, in my hiatus of not watching WWE programming I have also been slacking on watching TNA. But Colin RIch and I are planning on heading over to the PPV in Philly on April 19th (I think it is Lockdown, but I'm not sure).

I've been recording all of the TNA stuff as it airs and now I am trying to catch up so I know where the ompany stands when I walk into that building....

I just watched the Impact from September 18, 2008 and all I have to say is screw the first hour and 45 minutes of it. THe last 15 or so minutes was well worth it.

I am trying not to spoil things for Rich as I know he reads the blog and wants to catch up too.

If he gives clearance that he doesn't care I will start posting what I think of the episodes as I watch them and catch up to the recent stuff...

26 Days to watch 30 episodes and 7 PPVs is a ton of wrestling.....

Friday, March 20, 2009

my phone was stolen from the gym

Well a few weeks ago my phone was stolen and I have taken it as an opportunity for me to check out having a sidekick or some other smartphone. I just signed up for the data plan for the phone to check it out and that is where I am posting this from, so I can see if this will provide what I would need if I get a smartphone.

Aside from that we will see in the next few days.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Diabolik's Nifty Thing of the Day

Poking around looking for Watchmen things as the movie comes out tonight/tomorrow, I found these YouTube Videos, which apparently haven't caught on too well yet.

I found this site that has a bunch of Viral stuff on it.....

I know where I will be spending a chunk of my day....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wicked Faire Pics

So as I said in the other post about Dreamation, we had been invited to 2 conventions on the same weekend so I took off and hit the Wicked Faire convention on Saturday Night. Parties abounded, despite the Police presence looming around. I took pictures because Rich was working with the video camera at Dreamation.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

My friends Michele and Mary walking from the car which we had to park in the bank next to the hotel because the hotel parking lot was filled. They borrowed my suit jacket because they were wearing outfits that didn't quite keep them warm.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

One of the vendors that specialized in wood work.
From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

One of the dealer's rooms that had a stage set up with a band playing.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

They should have had one of these at the Chocolate Heaven at Dreamation.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

The Roller Derby Scene was represented at Wicked Faire with members of the Garden State Rollergirls hanging around ready to kick some ass.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

Michele showing off the "Chain Mail Wings" a vendor was trying to 'convince' her to buy.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

My friend Jodi. That's all....

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

Michele and Mary checking out some vendors stuff.....right before they were dancing for me....My brain was somewhere else or I would have taken some pictures....

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

All I can say is that her boyfriend should either be jealous or happy.....probably happy.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

Diabolik's Angels? Demons? Either way it was nice to by flanked by 3 beautiful women.

That's what I have that was usable from Wicked Faire. Some pictures came out really blurry and others I am trying to get releases to use.

Diabolik's Nifty Thing of the Day!

An old segment from the days of the Perfect Score Flashcasts where I would talk about and post something I thought was nifty.

Well I found something so super nifty that I had to bring it back and then possibly continue it for a while.....we'll see.




Ok, so the MP3 player takes a miniSD card (and says up to 1 gig but I think that may have been before 2 gig was available) and has no screen to display song information, but it works and who cares about anything else?

So cool. Getting one later this month.....not sure about the headphones but we will see.
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Pics from Dreamation

So while I was out attending the Dreamation and Wicked Faire I brought my new digital camera and snapped some shots to test it out. So here most of them are....

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

This was a POV shot from our table space in the Registration room at Dreamation. Registration is covered up with white table cloths because it was around midnight. I think this was Friday night.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

This was our table where we had the Killzone 2 and Halo Wars demos running for people to check out and so that Rich could run his social experiment. It's also where I did some interviews when we couldn't find anywhere else to talk.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

I believe this was the AVATAR LARP system's annual high council meeting. I know Avie and Kate and Tiny were there but I didn't stick around long enough to find out definitively.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

This was a panoramic shot of the Board Game room and the Big Board on the back and left walls. This was at Midnight on Friday Night and look how packed it was....

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

Now this was Saturday morning at 9am in the same room. The board games were really hopping even at that early hour.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

Here is Jonathan Lavallee hard at work Beta Testing one of his projects, Championship Fight Card, a Facebook app.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

The table of prizes you can spend your points on that you earn by playing in different games during the convention. Some of them are pretty cool, others are just nostalgic, but all of them are FREE!

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

Knight Realms was represented at the convention and running some modules.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness friend's at security. They had this Profit Sharing Plan that I had to inquire about. It involved them taking my profits. I wasn't such a fan....but it was funny.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

One of the vendors that was set up, but in the hallway heading to the Dealer's Room. I thought it would be a cool panoramic shot.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness
From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness
From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness
From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness
From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness
From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

This was most of the dealer's room. The weaponry is from Griffon's Claw Armory who I run into at just about every convention I go to.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

Smirk & Dagger was at the convention and Curt Covert sat down with me and talked about some of the most recent releases and about something that he is currently working on.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

Jonathan Lavallee talking to, and joking with, a reporter who came down to the convention and was talking to different guests.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

I blinded Dave Simpson with my camera. And that was just the tip of the iceberg of abuse I laid upon him for the entirety of the convention.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

There was a movie theater attached to the hotel and gamers set up in the hallway leading to it. I wonder how many normal people ran away....

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

This is where Rich and I shot the opening and closing segments for the convention where the waterfalls were running the entire time.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness
From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness
From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness
From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness
From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

The NAGA and PRGA and Indy games were given the entire boardroom area of the hotel which meant they were segmented away from the rest of the convention but they had such a great area to be put in.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

Jennifer Rodgers is an artist who has been working with a variety of Indy Games.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

There was a ton of Street Fighter 4 going on, both on the big screen in the Video Game room and at our table between sections.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness
From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

There was a LAN setup and a variety of people there to help with tech support and running the equipment for the Electronic Gaming.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

The Con Suite where refreshments are made available to the Con goers so that no one drops dead from lack of sugar.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

Mike Lorenzo running his Zombie game he talks about in our interview.

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

The RC Tanks that I never get to play. I really want to play with them....

From Diabolik's Total Nonsense and Ridiculousness

The leader of Double Exposure, Vinny with his +20 shirt of Smiting....

Well that is everything I shot at Dreamation. Wicked Faire coming soon....