Monday, February 23, 2009

What did Diabolik do today?

  • 18:31 Just got out of Dreamation. Got a lot done and had a good time.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wicked Faire

So I just got back to Dreamation from Wicked Faire. I got there at 11:30 with a group of friends which is why I got there so damn late. Now I had heard that there were some issues with the hotel giving Jeff and all of Wicked a hard time about the parties and such. Last year at Wicked Faire there were issues when the hotel management changed and was trying to deny the Faire access to the hotel because of what it may do to the hotel's image or some such shit.

So I had a few friends that hit Wicked on Friday and I polled them to find out what was going on. I was looking forward to seeing some of my friends and enjoying the after parties. When I got there Voltaire was on stage and I ran into a great number of people that I knew from other Wicked events and some others that I had already seen this weekend here at Dreamation.

I was looking for a specific friend of mine who said she was in Voltaire and while I couldn't find her we went around and checked out the dealers that were open. I saw the weapons dealer that I know from a bunch of cons, the same one I had seen earlier in the day at Dreamation. My friend Michele tried on this cool pair of chainmail pseudo wings which she loved, but they were $250. Aside from that there was a T-Shirt place that was doing custom shirts on site which I thought was cool, but they had run out of my size before I got there. They had a pre-printed template that said "I'm not evil....I'm Diabolical" which they would have allowed me to to change to Diabolikal. They had some live music acts going on in some vendor rooms, along with some Bondage demonstrations. It was fairly well laid out as the hotel offered a huge ballroom that they could use for vendors and shows, along with some DJ mixing and dancing.

I got a little private dance of Michele and Mary dancing with each other in front of me while others stared jealously. It was fun. We ended up at a few different room parties which friends of mine were hosting and some drinks were had and some interesting conversations had. Unfortunately because of the hotel crackdown, there were cops trolling the halls on a regular basis and it forced everything to be very low key. I understand the hotel not wanting to be responsible if something happens, but at an event like Wicked Faire there should be a little wiggle room.

Either way I had an okay time. I think the potential of the con was much better, especially since it had a better layout for different events, and I must say that I know I wasn't able to get the whole experience with my limited hours available, but I found that the police presence made people uncomfortable and there was a lot less debauchery going on.

I know that having a convention in a warehouse or convention center is more of a pain in the ass when you are trying to facilitate an enviroment in which you want people to enjoy themselves and be able to move to a room to continue the party elsewhere. I wish there was a way to get a good compromise because I love the people I see at the con and would hate to have the only reason for me to show up at a con would be to shoot some footage or take some pictures and then see some friends and leave.

Well, that is what I have. I will post some pictures from Dreamation and Wicked Faire in the next day or so.

Now off to study for a quiz due in 15 hours.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Diabolik's Take on Dreamation

So I am sitting here as Rich goes to get some tacos to feed our bellies, and I wanted to share my feelings on the con so far.

I like this hotel a little better than the last Dreamation, but I still prefer the Hilton in East Brunswick just because of it's layout.

This hotel has an odd layout so it is cool, but much more spread out than I would like. I enjoyed popping in and out of rooms and seeing what was going on at any given time, here I have to travel around half the hotel just to get to the wargaming areas.

Aside from that, there is a movie theatre in the hotel basically. It seems that the hotel is connected to a building complex that has a Kiddie Academy and the Theatre and other stuff.

As for Thursday, I was disappointed by the lack of a Mafia LARP and the chance to talk to Tony D. As of right now Tony isn't even at the con yet, but he is scheduled to be here for a module at 2pm. His LARP is scheduled for Sunday at 10am. Rich and I set up and shot a 25 minute opening segment for the show and he and I edited it last night and it should be squared away and on the site and Itunes and YouTube soon. I really enjoyed shooting that segment. It was the first time since the reorganization of Bacon Ice Cream that we have covered a bigger convention and I liked not being super serious. I was always trying to be serious and professional, and now I say fuck it, this is me and deal with it. Plus I think it makes better content. We decided to go check out Dave Simpson's game Blood & Leather which I demoed back at last Dreamation. Played it twice and got the hang of it, pointed out s few little issues with it, but otherwise it is a good game.

Friday I was supposed to help run the MosterPocalypse demo for Dark Tower Games here at the con because I am a Press Ganger for Privateer Press. I was supposed to be here at 9am for it, but we learned that the hotel was not going to have internet access available, and we were told that it was $11 a minute (which we assumed was an hour, but we were told minute). This meant that I could not take the exam that I had to finish before 11pm on Friday would not be able to be done at the hotel. I tried to get up super early after we got back to the house at 3:30am and that didn't happen. I must have turned off the alarm without realizing it.

So Rich woke me up at 8:30ish and I got prepped and then took the exam. I got a 68 and I am rather pissed at myself for screwing it up, but hopefully I can pull that grade up. Anyway....

We got here after fixing our feedburner feeds which were screwing up the Grazr feeds, and fixing my Twitter account and just getting some stuff squared away. we got to the con a little after 4, chilled with some of the guys (I have to say that I am missing Eric from Asmodee) and then started editing footage. I was wandering around and I noticed Kate's super cute hair and wanted to investigate and it turned out the Jon from Firestorm Ink was running his Battle of the Bands LARP for CyberGen. He asked if I wanted to help, and as I offered at last Dreamation because, while Jon is a talented motherfucker, he can't juggle all the hats and get everything done. He asked me to be the company spokesman and try to get some of the bands to drop out of the competition.

I actively did everything I could to manipulate the bands to do what I needed them to do, and in the end I ended up charging one female band member with stalking the guitarist of the House Band, having a different band thinking that the other members of the band poisoned one of the members, and got one of the bands disqualified for tampering with the electronics of the show. It was a ton of fun to help out, especially for someone like Jon who appreciated it and also gave me the opportunity to do whatever I wanted to do.

After finishing the larp I headed back to the booth and Rich started playing Street Fighter 4 while I sat down and edited the footage I shot of the FoodMachine tournament and by the time I coouldn't see anymore I was nearly done, just looking for some internet to finish it up and it will be posted.

So Rich and I flipped a coin and decided to spend the night behind the booth rather than packing everything up and heading to the house. It went pretty well, I caught about 3 hours of sleep and woke up to run the Mosterpocalypse Demo at 9am. No one showed up. I spent a bunch more time taking pictures and talking to friends and just generally fucking around. Played a little SF4, wrote this blog post, talked to Jon about his new Facebook App. Aside from that I am sitting here waiting for tacos to arrive, taking in the atmosphere, and anticipating the soon to come debauchery of Wicked Faire.

More to come later.


What did Diabolik do today?

  • 14:19 Rich and I are finally on the road to Dreamation. Stupid exam that I got a 68 on. Maybe if the next one isn't the same weekend as a con. ...
  • 20:07 Editing the footage we shot last night.
  • 21:22 Helping Jon with the CyberGen LARP.
  • 23:34 Fucking fabulous game session.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Prepping for Dreamation and Wicked Faire

So I know I haven't been able to write in a while, being as I forgot I was a college student again and therefore have a shitload of work to do on top of my normal duties at the store.

And I have so much work to do before even getting to Dreamation. And an exam I can only take after 4pm on Thursday.

But the weekend should be full of Diabolik ranting and yelling and interviewing, along with whips and chains and sex toys.

And I wish the latter was my personal life......

I am going to be escorted to Wicked Faire by two very hot young ladies and we plan on enjoying the shit out of it.

So yes, Diabolik has triple duty this weekend. I have Dreamation stuff to do, Wicked Faire stuff to do, video editing, homework, and an exam.....I guess I really playing 5 roles this weekend.

I am off to get the last sleep I willl see until Sunday night.....when I have a paper due.

Oh yeah, I went and did something new to my hair.
Watch the videos and find out.